If you choose the transaction (SaaS) model, you will not need to invest in any software infrastructure. You will just need to have a computer capable of accessing the Internet. The administrator will be able to manage everything from a single control panel
2. If you choose to implement it as a stand-alone package, you can host the application with any Hosting provider in your city. The cost of hosting it with an Internet Hosting Provider is minimal
3. [Stand Alone] Hosting Provider Requirements
a. ASP .Net using .Net Framework 2.0 or higher
b. SQL Server 2000 or higher
c. SSL Enabled
d. At least 100 MB of disk space
e. At least 10 MB of database space
Features in CHOBS

Configure Control Panel
10 Emails IDs
On Demand Virtual Tours

Rich Photo Gallery
Free Upgrades
Free Search Engine Optimization

Highly Flexible Rating Engine
Customer Feedback
Loyalty Programs

Integration with In-House System
High Bandwidth Hosting

Automated Mail Shots