Features Customer Relationship Management
Using Callippus Hotel Online Booking System (CHOBS) you can configure your hotel tariff packages and offerings yourself. Rooms, Images, Tariffs, Optional elements can all be configured from a single control panel.
Rich photo gallery with facility to show multiple images per room.
Highly flexible rating engine.
Full integration with in-house booking system.
Online system will be able to “see” your in- house room booking position.
Bookings will be updated directly into your in- house booking system. Ability to block/unblock select rooms during certain periods.
Facility to take payment before or after stay, using Credit/Debit/Other cards.
Up to 10 E-mail ids, included. Unlimited space on our servers.
Complete visibility on your customer/agent profiles Identify your key customer segments Launch promotional campaigns for a set of customers/agents Analyse effectiveness of your promotional campaigns (using coupon codes) Customer feedback
Free upgrades for one year.
Reservations due for payment
Monthly agent commission
Customer account summary
Expected arrivals
Room occupancy chart
and more....
World-class Content Management system at your fingertips. Fully Customise your site's look and feel and content to suit your brand image.
Upload multiple images per room. Provide Rich gallery including Virtual reality images. Your customers will be able to "see" your hotel on your website.
Unlimited number of tariff plans supported.Flexible Tariff pack module can help you configure Peak/Off-peak rates very flexibly.
Variable room rates based on duration of stay.
Flexible Optional/Add-ons rates for each room.
Quick setup and virtually no capital expenditure on IT infrastructure.
Features in CHOBS

Configure Control Panel
10 Emails IDs
On Demand Virtual Tours

Rich Photo Gallery
Free Upgrades
Free Search Engine Optimization

Highly Flexible Rating Engine
Customer Feedback
Loyalty Programs

Integration with In-House System
High Bandwidth Hosting

Automated Mail Shots